When did you pick up the instrument that you currently play? How did you pick that instrument, and how did you learn to play it?
My first instrument was the drums when I began playing in 1993. It began in junior high when I played for the concert band and jazz band. I’ve tried my hand at bass guitar and piano, but they did not suit my particular fancy for banging things.

What instrument do you wish you could play, and why?
I wish I could learn the Indian instrument, the tabla. It is an amazing percussion instrument that would require years of study. I know Vik has one. I’m working on him to let me borrow it.

Where are you from and how did you end up in Houston?
I am originally from Anaheim, CA. I moved to Houston in July of 2006 to pursue a cheaper cost of living, plus, at that time you could still smoke inside bars. This was a huge selling point for me at the time. ;P

List all bands that you’ve been in, and in what cities and states.

Define the Black Queen Speaks sound. Where do you think most of the band’s musical influences come from?
Straight forward Rock n' Roll with splashes of Soul, Funk, and Electronica in it. I don't think I can truly pin point where musically we are influenced from collectively. We are all really coming from across the whole spectrum of genres with the exception of modern country western music. You never know with these guys though.... That could be included tomorrow. I would say that we pull our influence from our lives and everything involved with moving from one day to the next.