What was the first instrument that you picked up, and when?

When did you pick up the instrument that you currently play?
I started writing songs when I was 18. How did you pick that instrument, and how did you learn to play it? Trial and error with singing and songwriting. I didn't take singing technique seriously until about two years ago.

Where are you from and how did you end up in Houston?
I’m from Bremerton, WA, which is a naval kind of town. I moved to Seattle for college and lived there for seven years. I then moved to Denver for two and a half years for a change of scenery. I was promoted through my job and transferred to Houston in November 2006.

How did you come to join Black Queen Speaks?
Pez found a craigslist ad that I placed. I met him at a fundraiser for his cousin's band and I liked his attitude. I didn't really care how good he was or what he played. We sat in his car and played the main riff for Dead Like You. I thought, "Wow, he's for real. I can do something with this." That was May 2007. We auditioned and played with a lot of people. We were at Bohemeos and Pez told me he had contacted a guy named D2. We got his number and D2 and I spoke. I liked that he sounded serious, and he came with a drummer. When we played with D2 and Josh, the thing that stood out was that they can play without thinking, it’s just natural, and that's the kind of energy we wanted.

What venue is at the top of your list to play at in Houston?
House of Blues, Verizon

List some of your favorite bands (3 max) and musical influences, and tell how they influence you.
David Bowie, he who breaks the rules, makes the rules.
Led Zeppelin, there's always more out there.
Bob Marley, he has the best flow.

Tell me something about yourself that would probably surprise people to know about you.
I'm Guamanian! My family emigrated to the United States from Guam.